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Digital Humanities

A Wenzhou-Kean University 2018 Student Partnering with Staff (SpS) Research Program Project, A Pathway to Digital Humanities, seeks both to gauge and stimulate interest in digital humanities.

What is scale in DH?

In the sciences, one of the key determinants is the law of large numbers, which states that the more times a researcher repeats a given experiment, the closer that researcher comes to determining an average value that defines the results of that experiment. Translated, this is simply a way of expressing confidence that ever-larger data sets will offer ever-more verifiable conclusions.Certain physical sciences deal with extremely large numbers such as atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide for climatology or genetic sequencing in biology.Until recently, such was rarely the case in the humanities.

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Intersection, Scale, and Social Machines: the Humanities in the digital world - David DeRoure

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