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Digital Humanities

A Wenzhou-Kean University 2018 Student Partnering with Staff (SpS) Research Program Project, A Pathway to Digital Humanities, seeks both to gauge and stimulate interest in digital humanities.

What is the Animated Archive ?

Archive refers to not only public administrative records, but also to the entire corpus of material remains that the past, whether distant or close, has bequeathed to the present: artifacts, writing books, works of art, personal documents. The Digital Humanities offers new challenges and possibilities for institutions of memory such as archives, libraries, and museums approaches to conservation and preservation; participatory models of content production and curatorship bringing together scholars in team-based projects.

The "animation" of archives stands for archival processing. This implies a user-centered approach to the construction of archives tha builds a multiplicity of  use-scenarios into the very architecture of the archive. The memory palaces of the 21ST century will have much more permeable wall and the future of the knowledge will emphasize embedding of the virtual within the real in cultural, social and political practice.

SOURCE: Burdick, A., Drucker, J., Lunenfeld, P., Pressner, T., & Schnapp, J. (2012). Digital Humanities. Cambridge, MA: Massachuetts Institute of Technology. Retrieved from

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