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Digital Humanities

A Wenzhou-Kean University 2018 Student Partnering with Staff (SpS) Research Program Project, A Pathway to Digital Humanities, seeks both to gauge and stimulate interest in digital humanities.

What is Humanities Gaming ?

Humanities Gaming uses the affordances of gaming to build more robust archival data systems. It has begun to successfully engage with historical simulation, virtuous cycles of competition, and the virtual construction of learning environments. However, games of any type have never been held in high repute by academia. Recent developments in new-media studies and narratology have removed some of the stigma that was once attached. The challenge for the future is to take the gamesmanship of humanities research - its pursuits and pleasures, competitive drive, and seductive engagmenet -  as the basis for games of  scholarship.

SOURCE: Burdick, A., Drucker, J., Lunenfeld, P., Pressner, T., & Schnapp, J. (2012). Digital Humanities. Cambridge, MA: Massachuetts Institute of Technology. Retrieved from

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