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The Speaking Services support both the Public Speaking as well as English Proficiency aspects of advanced university speaking.

Our Public Speaking tutors support the entire Kean community in preparing, drafting, and delivering eloquent and clear speeches. Whether for a class assignment or for an academic conference, our tutors work to make sure speakers are ready to face an audience with confidence and composure. 

Our English Proficiency tutors work with English learners to support their ability to pronounce clearly and converse with ease. We offer one-on-one tutoring, group conversation circles, and speaking workshops to provide a variety of environments that allow speakers to use various skills. 

Our goals are:

1. To provide a safe and judgement free environment for speakers to work on

     Public Speaking or English Proficiency

2. To provide critical feedback on the content and delivery of speeches or conversation 

3. To guide speakers through exploring their own delivery style

4. To use a variety of technologies to allow speakers to see and hear their own performance

5. To help with understanding social, cultural, and academic norms surrounding speaking situations

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