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The Academic Coaching program is an opportunity for near-peers to help develop one another’s competencies. By sharing their existing knowledge, the older peers will guide younger peers through a transitional period of their education. In turn, by participating in the exchange, older peers have an opportunity to share their knowledge, and serve as a mentor. Through this mutual exchange, both peers will gain useful skills and tools that will help them succeed academically, professionally, and personally. As campus leaders, Academic Coaches work as crucial members of the student success team, and help to build bridges between individual students, student organizations, academic support services, and other parts of the Kean community. 


The Academic Coaching program aims to empower each Kean University student to be the strongest learner possible. Recognizing the unique nature of learning, Academic Coaches customize their approaches to provide targeted, effective, and engaging information delivery. Academic Coaches work with students, their faculty, and university staff to develop educational plans that target individual needs and build on existing competencies. Students will receive support that meets their needs and matches their pace of learning. To facilitate the various needs students present with, Coaches are trained on various learning styles, tools, and pedagogical approaches.


  1. Provide ongoing support in developing student habits of mind 

  2. Guide students through threshold concepts 

  3. Provide proactive interventions to ensure effective transition to the college learning environment

  4. Demonstrate critical thinking skills and practical application of cognitive tools

  5. Develop student knowledge transfer abilities

  6. Empower students to be successful learners

  7. Role-model growth and citizenship

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