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Database of the Month: Summer 2017 -- Statista

Summer 2017

Statista has access to over 1 million statistics, which are ready-to-use as PPT, XLS, or PNG files. Statista compiles information from U.S. Census and other government data, corporate reports, and market research analysis to give the user a wide range of reliable information from a variety of sources. These resources can be searched by industry, topic, market, or even just a basic keyword search. In addition, the researchers at Statista work hard to come up with charts and graphs on various "hot topic" issues in the news, and how they affect people in their daily lives. 

Statista's real strength lies in its ability to display a variety of charts and graphs that can be used to enhance any presentation or paper. Such as seen in the graphics below: 

         Countries Winning the Recycling Race Pretty cool, huh?    Starbucks chart -- Hey! We have one of those!     Sporting Goods chart

Whether you're looking for statistics on global oil production, digital video prices, or alcohol consumption; Statista can provide you with the raw data and statistical information that you're looking for. It's also a lot of fun. So go check it out! :) 

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