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Database of the Month: December 2016 -- Films on Demand (Infobase Learning)

December 2016

Sometimes learning about a particular subject area requires more than just reading articles or textbooks. For students who are seeking a more multimedia experience in their studies, the Kean University Library offers sources of streaming video through the Films on Demand database.

Films on Demand features multimedia resources on a wide variety of subjects, from Education, Performing Arts, Physical Therapy, Political Science, and many more. This database uses video resources from many different sources, such as the BBC, the History Channel, and TED Talks, and includes a number of educational videos, lectures, and documentaries. 

To search the Films on Demand database, simply use the search bar at the top center of the screen. The database also provides an "advanced search" option that will allow the user to limit their search according to date, type, producer, or other limiters. Most of the videos also include a transcript at the right side of the screen, which will allow the user to follow along with the script of the video. 

For faculty members who wish to share a video with their students, each of these films includes a persistent link and/or an embed code, which will allow the video to be shared via Blackboard, or the professor's web site or blog. 

In addition, Films on Demand offers a free Infobase membership account option for Kean community members to create a personal "library" of favored videos. To create an account, click the "My Films" menu at the upper right. 

If you have questions about the Films on Demand database or any of the Kean University Library's other research databases, please consult Ask a Librarian for assistance.

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