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Visualization and Immersive Studio

The Visualization and Immersive Studio for Education and Research (VISER) provides a 270-degree impressive experience to users. It is equipped with ten 4K laser projectors to display a seamless image across three walls. This room has state-of-art technology, including an Analog way that provides a high-performance video wall processor. An intuitive user interface creates easy and technology-rich interactive class sessions. Zignage media player is added to enhance the user experience. The media players allow the scheduling of seamless presentations and immersive events. It provides accurate situational awareness and one picture in 270 degrees to display information from multiple sources. 

There are a variety of ways in which the studio can be used, including 

  • Interactive and collaborative teaching and learning 
  • Data visualization and analysis  
  • High-end, technology-rich presentations
  • Immersive computing 

Built to serve the Kean community, students, faculty, and staff from all majors and programs can benefit from this studio, especially programs that require high-end visualization. 

A few examples: 

  • Computer science students can create their program on one screen, test it on the other, and run it on the third screen. 
  • Computer science students can build and test high-end Graphical user-interface and tests.
  • Physical Therapy students can see the human body muscles up close.
  • History students can virtually visit a city or place and study. 
  • Criminal justice students can analyze a crime scene.
  • T2K classes can hold a virtual tour of all campuses.
  • Design and architectural students can test 2D/3D images and videos.
  • Administrators and staff can analyze and visualize data to support studies (e.g., Retention study).

Anyone using the computer resources and facilities at Kean University must abide by the Computer-Related Acceptable Use Policy.