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Visualization and Immersive Studio

Following in the Kean University's footsteps, The Nancy Thompson Learning Commons (NTLC) understands and is committed to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) of the entire Kean Community.  To know more about the Office of DEI click here.

VISER has hosted several DEI events like the interfaith prayer meetings held by the Campus Ministry.  

Lucia Pasternak, Campus Minister at Kean University, says 'The Eucharistic Adoration that I have held in the room is a very sacred practice that I would not just hold in any other room on campus. It calls for a reverent space, and I think the versatility of the VISER room creates an appropriate space to hold such reverent I LOVE to use the space!'

Ramadan at VISER

An Iftar was held at the VISER for the Kean Community in April 2022