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Creating OER

Creating OER

Creating an OER is similar to authoring any other document, except that you are assigning that content an open license which usually allows for its free use and re-purposing by others. 

Things to consider:

  • What license will you assign to your OER? Using a Creative Commons License will provide you with the legal framework to share your OER.
  • How will you make your OER accessible to all students? We recommend the Open Education Consortium's guide to address accessibility issues. 
  • Where will you create and host your OER?  You can use your own Google Drive or follow the following steps
    • Create your content
    • Get it approved/verified by your faculty 
    • Send an email to and cc your faculty member who approved it
    • Learning Commons will upload to Digital Commons and provide you a link to be shared
  • How will you share your OER? Once you've created your OER, you may want to share it across many directories and repositories for maximum visibility. Consider submitting your work to MERLOTOER Commons, or the Open Textbook Library.