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Collection Management

This guide provides an overview of the Collection Management functions in the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons.

Overview of Collection Management

The Collection Management Team specializes in organizing, classifying, preserving, and acquiring materials for the Kean University Community. The cataloging department works closely with the Collection Development and Acquisitions Librarian to add new materials to the collection while evaluating materials that need to be removed. The cataloging and metadata team currently manages cataloging for the Learning Commons, the Holocaust Resource Center, and the Special Collections Research Library and Archive.

The Cataloging and Metadata Team currently consists of two part-time Academic Specialists. They are MLIS-trained librarians in cataloging with extensive knowledge of cataloging, original cataloging, metadata,  and digitization. Specialists process new titles, apply relevant metadata, and add titles into the collection for discovery. They recommend titles for purchase or replacement. In addition, they identify inconsistencies in metadata and work to include metadata that will enhance discoverability.

The Collection Development and Acquisitions Librarian places all orders for additions to the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons Collections. The Collection Development Policy provides the framework for consistency in selecting and deselecting materials to support the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons' mission and be responsive to users’ needs. In addition, it informs library users about the scope and nature of existing collections and plans for the future development of these resources.