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Technology & Equipment

Technology & Equipment at Learning Commons

To release a print job:

  • Click the print button on your document and make sure the correct printer is selected For example: NTLC_1FL
  • On your desktop, double click theicon.
  • The app will open, allowing you to log in using your Kean credentials.
  • Once logged in, your account will display your printing balance.
  • On the left-hand side, click 'Jobs Pending Release'.
  • Locate the file you are trying to print and click print.
  • Your document will be waiting for you at the printer.
  • Don't forget to sign out!

Anyone using the computer resources and facilities at Kean University must abide by the Computer-Related Acceptable Use Policy.

Printers are available on all floors at the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons and are connected to the computers on the respective floors. 

According to the Miron Student Center website:

"The University has established print management protocols to conserve paper and support [its] green initiatives. Each student is given a print budget of 300 pages (or $30) to use for budgeting personal printing over the course of the semester. Ten cents will be deducted from the $30 total each time you print a page." If you need to replenish your account, please send an email to and include your student ID number and the number of pages that you are requesting."