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Q: How much does tutoring cost?

A: All tutoring is FREE for all students, faculty, and staff

Q: How long are tutoring sessions?

A: Between 30 and 50 minutes

Q: Can I book my tutor back to back?

A: No. You can only have one session per day within the same Service area

Q: Can you send a confirmation to my professor?

A: Yes. Please ask at the end of the session

Q: Can I do a walk in?

A: Yes. Walk-ins are first-come-first-serve whenever available. Please be advised that we do not have standing walk-in hours

Q: Do you do online tutoring?

A: Yes. Please log into to schedule and enter online sessions

Q: Can I schedule a session?

A: Yes. Please go to to set up your sessions

Q: What services do you offer?

A: We have several sub-centers in our department: Writing Services, Speaking Services, Graduate Services, Tutoring Services, and Academic Coaching Services. For details, please visit our website at

Q: Can I be a tutor?

A: Yes. Please see our recruitment page at: