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By accepting a tutoring appointment, you agree to the following:

  • If you need to cancel an appointment, 24-hour notice is expected. Failure to do so may revoke tutoring privileges for the duration of the semester
  • Tutoring will not be available for take-home exams
  • Be prepared for your tutoring session. Bring your syllabus, books, notes, and all relevant homework
  • Be on time. Tutors wait only 10 minutes before your session is considered a "no show" and a walk-in student takes your spot
  • Be sure to schedule follow-up appointments before you leave

Tutors assist students with:

  • Organizing and developing ideas                         
  • Developing academic skills
  • Explaining key areas of content

Tutors do not:

  • Have/give all the answers
  • Do/fix any work for students
  • Exchange phone numbers
  • Have/know what students need for their sessions 
  • Predict grades or assess student work
  • Working on research strategies


Duration                   : 50 minutes

Limitations               : 1 session per day

Late Policy               : After 15 minutes appointments may be forfeit to someone on the waitlist

Proof of Attendance : Provided by request



Booking Appointments Online

To Access your Tutoring Appointment 

To Cancel an Appointment 



Share: Copies of the assignment, syllabus, grading rubrics/requirements

Bring: Your writing, research, notes, and ideas 

Have: Goals or questions to ask

Be: Open to suggestions, questions, and conversation