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About Appointments

Duration: 50 minutes (for scheduled sessions in person and online)

Limitations: 1 session per day (per service)

Late Policy: After 15 minutes appointments may be forfeit to someone on the waitlist

Proof of Attendance: Provided by request-- only for sessions lasting a minimum of 30 minutes

Walk-ins: up to 40 minutes

Cancellation: Online or by phone up to the start of your session


Preparing for  Appointments

Share: Copies of the assignment, syllabus, grading rubrics/requirements, and any feedback you received from your instructor

Bring: Your writing, research, notes, and ideas, text books, and any class materials relevant to the session

Have: Goals or questions to ask

Be: Open to suggestions, questions, and conversation


What to Expect:

1. When you arrive, you will be asked about your expectations and goals. 

2. Your tutor will work with you to determine the trajectory of the session: to make sure that what you expect can be delivered reasonably.

3. Your tutor will ask you many questions. We will engage you in a conversation to help you understand the ideas, the assignment goals, and to help you find your own voice.

4. Your tutor will not fix your work for you. We will work with you to show you how to improve your work, and we will make sure that you understand what you are learning with us. 

5. At the end of the session, your tutor will give you recommendations for next steps, and assist you in setting up any desired tutoring sessions for the future.