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Black History Month

This guide features resources and information for Black History Month research.

Liberty Hall Academic Center & Exhibition Hall (LHAC) -- Kean University

"Liberty Hall Academic Center & Exhibition Hall is home to Kean University Special Collections Research Library, Kean University History Department and Liberty Hall Gallery. Engaging performances, carefully curated exhibitions, elegant private receptions and community events are held alongside traditional lectures and seminars in more its more than 6,000 square feet of state-of-the-art space featuring stunning views of the Liberty Hall estate."

This page highlights several documents from the Kean University Special Collections Research Library and Archives (SCRLA) selected for Black History Month and a video that includes sections covering the role race played in the history of voting rights in the United States.

Voting Moments Of Change Virtual Tour

"Voting, Moments of Change explores the merits of, and barriers to, the bedrock of American democracy. Offering a brief history of how voting rights were given, lost, fought for, established, and reestablished, this exhibit reminds the viewer that everyone’s voice matters and that they have a responsibility to make theirs count." 

Special Collections Research Library

Documents -- Sale of Enslaved Persons
Liberty Hall Collection 1770's

Manumission -- Freeing Enslaved Persons
Liberty Hall Collection 1820s

Adelbert Berry Election
Independent Student Newspaper 1946
N.J. State Teachers College at Newark

BASBU Student Organization
Memorabilia Yearbook 1970 and 1971
Newark State College