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Tutoring Services

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Tutors will assist the students to:

  • Organize and develop ideas
  • Develop styles
  • Work on research strategies

What NOT to expect:

  • Tutors will have/give me all the answers
  • Tutors will do/fix my work for me
  • Tutors will have/know what I need for my sessions 


By accepting a tutoring appointment, you agree to the following conditions:

  • If you need to cancel an appointment, 24-hour notice is expected. Failure to do so may revoke tutoring privileges for the duration of the semester
  • Tutoring will not be available for take-home exams
  • Be prepared for your tutoring session. Bring your books, notes and any appropriate homework
  • Be on time. Tutors wait only 15 minutes before assisting another student
  • Be sure to schedule follow-up appointments before you leave


About Appointments

Tutoring is available by appointment and on a walk-in basis. Sessions are one-on-one or in groups. Tutoring sessions are offered remotely. 


Online Tutoring

Tutoring Services

Contact Information: 


Phone: 908-737-4681 

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Tutoring Subjects

If you need assistant in a subject that is not listed, please email 


Visit link below for upcoming workshops. 

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