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Open and Affordable Educational Resources

Content to share with Kean Community

  1. Website material submissions are to be initially reviewed by Managing Assistant Directors to confirm materials developed are in line with NTLC’s goals and mission statement. The content is reviewed to assure it encompasses all of the following: 
    1. Meets the purpose of the assignment 
    2. Formatted inline with NTLC Goals and objectives
    3. Directly assists all members of the Kean community through data-driven decisions and support mechanisms, where applicable 
    4. Responds to diverse student learning opportunities and needs
    5. Delivers educational content-based resources and collections in an open educational resources environment
  2. If a submission receives approval from the Managing Assistant Directors, the website material is then forwarded to a Library Faculty member for content review. 
  3. If a submission is approved by a Library Faculty member, the material is then forwarded to a Managing Assistant Director to have the material uploaded onto the NTLC website.