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Introduction to tutors

Thomas Rose (Academic Specialist)

Graduated / Graduating: May 2019

Major / Minor:   Mathematical Sciences / Computer Science

" My name is Tom and I enjoy music, hiking, linux, cooking."

Giovanni Garcia (Academic Specialist)

Graduating: May 2021

Major: K-12 Mathematics Education

" My name is Giovanni! I like math, music, movies, and spending time with friends and family"

Anthony Geronimo (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2022

Major:  Biology (Working towards Physician Assistant)

" I enjoy playing video games and watching professional COD and Smite, I also love listening to music and occasionally reading the sheet music for songs."

Bar Yifrakh (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2022

Major:  STEM Biotechnology/ Molecular Biology

" Hello. My name is Bar Yifrakh, and I am a third-year student at Kean. My hobbies include drawing and playing video games, and I enjoy arts and crafts in general. I also collect pins and seashells."

Natalia Giardinelli (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2022

Major / Minor:  Psychology / Business Management

 " When it comes to tutoring I enjoy teaching all the subjects that I am available to teach. My strong suit is anything that is psychology-related and I tutor mostly 3200 Psych Stats. I enjoy reading, writing, longboarding, playing sports, and trying new things. In spring 2020 I published a book called Cicatrize by Natalia Giardinelli and has been made available on amazon. I am a former Kean women's soccer player, but with the pandemic and my personal life, I had to end my soccer career. Now my focus is mainly on school, work, and planning for future endeavors. I love to help others learn and I am enjoying my time working for Kean's Tutoring Center." 

Jonathan Bergold (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2022

Major:  Chemical Engineering

" I am primarily a tutor for math and science, but I'm happy to help anyone with anything as long as I am able. Outside of school, my hobbies include playing piano and video games and I did karate for about 13 years."

Destiny Wise (Receptionist)

Graduating: TBA

Major / Minor:  Recreational Therapy / Music

" My passion is music. I love to sing, dance, and write songs. I also really enjoy going on adventures, eating good food, and listening to many different types of music. Overall, I’m a kind, open-minded, chill person."

Daryll Henson (Academic Specialist)

Graduated / Graduating: May 2018 / Aug 2022

Major / Graduate Program:  B.S. Biology: Cell and Molecular Option / Occupational Therapy Doctorate

" My name is Daryll and I enjoy reading, playing video games, spending time with family and friends, and watching Netflix. "

Evan Wilson (Academic Specialist)

Graduating: May 2021

Major:  K-12 Mathematics Education

" My name is Evan and I enjoy playing guitar, running, reading, playing video games, spending time with family and my dog, and eating salmon.. "

Leslie Simon (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2021

Major:  Psychology

" My name is Leslie and I enjoy traveling, languages, and tennis."

Juliana Lopez (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2022

Major:  Finance and Mathematical Sciences

" Helping others is something I enjoy. My name is Juliana Lopez and I am studying finance and mathematics. My core skills include analytical problem solving, interdisciplinary application of mathematics, and command of the Spanish and English language. I am passionate about numbers, books, movies, and baking."

Abigail Collins (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2021

Major:  Speech and Hearing Sciences

" I'm a senior at Kean University. I received my A.A. in Communication Disorders from Brookdale Community College in 2019. I am very passionate about Speech-Language Pathology, and I hope to one day work in an elementary school as a Speech-Language Pathologist. In my free time, you can find me creating art, or working out in the gym."

Caitlin Riccardi (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2021

Major:  Music Education

" I am in my final semester at Kean and love working as a student tutor. Teaching music is a passion of mine. Outside of school, I teach private piano and voice lessons to beginner students. I also perform as a cantor at a local church on the weekends. Music is a huge part of my life, I look forward to helping anyone who needs it with their music classes."

  Victoria Vitale (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2022

Major: Business Management

" My name is Victoria and I enjoy sports, working out, cooking, hiking, and writing."



Nevil Thomas (Academic Specialist)

Graduated / Graduating: May 2018 / December 2021

Major:  Bio Health Professions Nursing

"My name is Nevil and I enjoy tutoring math and biology, spending time with family and friends, playing soccer, badminton, traveling, and watching movies.

Joseph Veliakath (Academic Specialist)

Graduated / Graduating: May 2020 / May 2022

Major / Graduate Program:  B.S. Science and Technology / Master's in Curriculum and Instruction

"Hello, my name is Joseph and I am a graduate student studying Mathematics Education to become a high school teacher. I am available to tutor undergraduate mathematics and science courses. Feel free to book/schedule an appointment with me and I will be happy to assist you. Thank you. I enjoy playing and Twitch streaming video games, watching and critiquing movies, reading new books/novels, and learning more topics in mathematics."

John Petrick (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2022

Major:  Actuarial Sciences

" I enjoy collecting albums. I play drums in a band. On weekends I play in disc golf tournaments."

Varsha Medidi (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2021

Major:  Health Professions

" I am a pre-med aspiring to be a physician and work in humanitarian aid. I have been tutoring for 6 years and it has always been a specialty of mine to want to work with fellow students."

Gianna Medeiros (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2023

Major:  Cell and Molecular Biology

" My name is Gianna Medeiros and I am a Sophomore. Some things about me are I love plants and I enjoy reading. Biology is my favorite subject and I hope to some-day become a genetic counselor or a genetic researcher."

Leonardo Polo (Tutor)

Graduating: May 2022

Major:  Mathematical Sciences

"I am a student at Kean University Union, New Jersey, and earning his B.A. in Mathematical Sciences. I have been involved on campus and becoming one of the student leaders at Kean University through the Leadership Institute at my University. I strive to become a Math Professor and participate in extracurricular activities such as playing guitar, piano, dancing, and photography."

  Zorel Morales (Receptionist/Translator)

Graduating: May 2022

Major / Minor:  Psychology: Occupational Therapy Track / Biology and American Sign Language

" I’m an adventurous soul, I’ve even gone skydiving before. I love nature, exploring new places is my favorite thing to do. "