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Bubble City: Home


Published Date: Summer 2020

Student Authors: Elise Dusenshine and Todd Blackburn




Bubble City


Bubble City is a satirical architectural research project that assesses the ignorance of the obscenely rich in a world riddled by climate change and filled with others who do not have the power to do anything about it. Rather than use their resources to address and solve these problems, it is typical for urgent dilemmas to be averted, and for ideas of escapism and avoidance to permeate this specific bracket of wealth. The project sits on the edge of fantasy and reality, where the absurdity of human “needs” in times of turmoil is questioned. Will there come a point when the rich will be able to use their resources to escape the inevitability of a rapidly changing climate? What sort of unnecessary luxuries will we still require when many have nothing left? Bubble City explores one possibility in a bleak future, with “ultra-filtered air,” “apocalypse-proof” bubble material, indoor infinity pools, and luxury shopping centers existing in the city, despite the tumultuous environment surrounding it. The project mirrors the format and irrationality of luxury housing advertising that was researched as a precedent. This included over-the-top visuals used when advertising the real estate of extravagant locations like Las Vegas, Nevada, but also complexes and villages that hit a little closer to home like Vermella, which was recently built across the street from Kean University. These complexes offer a unique solution for those that have the money to attain it, and feature exorbitant luxuries like in-home movie theatres and bowling alleys. 

AXONOMETRIC: This shows the flow of the floor plates and exterior structure.

BROCHURE SIDES A AND B: This brochure is meant to mirror the advertising formats and techniques of luxury housing complexes. 



SELECTED FLOOR PLANS: Due to the project’s satirical nature, the floor plans show a general flow and layout of space without showing too many details beyond walls and underlying structures.

SECTION: The section shows the massive size of Bubble City, in addition to highlighting how light would be filtered throughout the spaces. 


PERSPECTIVE 1: This is an interior perspective depicting a gym setting within Bubble City. This perspective was rendered (created) using the programs Rhino and Photoshop.

PERSPECTIVE 2: This is depicting a party/banquet scene. 


PERSPECTIVE 3: This is the only perspective depicting the exterior of the building, which shows those that do not get the luxury of living in Bubble City and are struggling without its resources.


MODEL PHOTO A: This is a plastic orb and greenery model showing the shape, structure, and reflectivity of the space. 


MODEL PHOTO B: This is a chip board and foam core model used to show the possibility of floor plates within the structure. 


MODEL PHOTO C: This is a theoretical model showing the volume, or proportion, of floor plates within the structure. Theoretical models do not present an accurate representation of the built structure, but often depict a specific concept in the architecture. This model in particular captures the relationship between floors within each individual bubble that makes up the city. The floors themselves encompass a large amount of square footage, making it appear spacious. However, the density of floors, especially viewed in this perspective, make it feel quite cramped.

MODEL PHOTO D: This is a section cut model depicting the mullion structure and interior greenery. A section cut shows a specific slice of the structure, so that the interior may be viewed in a way that would not be possible once it is built. This is a section cut model meant to highlight the physical structure of the shape, but continues the motif of high floor volume that was seen in the previous model. The greenery is meant to portray the “goal” of the facility, which is to feel like an Earth contained within the bubble itself.