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All the work done by OER Task Force will be posted here

OER Task Force


Support the Kean Community to reuse, revise, remix, redistribute and retain Open Educational Resources (OER) course material that boosts learning and access to high-quality and seminal materials with an advanced and innovative approach at a low cost.



Kean University is committed to improving learning outcomes and providing access to educational resources to ensure that our students have the most recent and innovative materials for use in their scholarly and academic efforts by encouraging engagement with OER within the curriculum.  



Kean University’s President Dr. Dawood Farahi and Provost Dr. Jeffrey Toney have given the responsibility to lead the Open Educational Resource effort to the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons (NTLC). The NTLC serves the Kean University community through an integrated and holistic set of learning experiences and complementary services, with innovative technology that supports student engagement and prepares them for life-long learning and to think critically, creatively, and globally.


Kean University has identified the adoption, adaptation, and development of Open Educational Resources (OER) as a priority through NTLC in direct collaboration with other units on campus. The advantages of using OER for instruction include the achievement of better learning outcomes, more diverse and innovative pathways for students, and greater flexibility and freedom for faculty to customize and deliver educational material. Students save money and reduce financial stress by significantly lowering the costs of instructional materials, including textbooks. Kean University’s future digital/remote learning infrastructure will revolve around the enhanced capabilities to adopt, adapt, and develop OER content and our current digital resources supported through subscriptions for the purpose of teaching and learning. 

Kean’s OER guiding Principles


  • Impact – increase savings for students
  • Potential – improve learning, content delivery, pedagogy 
  • Accessibility – provide accessibility to the University community 
  • Sustainability – increase sustainability to courses 
  • Success – create active lifelong learners for 21st Century careers

Task Force Members


Jin Wang, Ph.D


Mia Zamora, Ph.D


Muhammad Hassan, MS


Nidhi Thakur, Ph.D


Paul Croft, Ph.D


Rafael Inoa, Ph.D